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Transformation of Sentences - Class 7 - Set A

5.Read the following text and change the sentences as directed.        1×5=5

i) (a) The books are very interesting. (Exclamatory) (b) I have read the book thoroughly. (Passive) (c) The writer was influenced by his own events. (Active) (d) He is very passionate. (Interrogative) (e) I like the writer. (Negative)

ii) (a) Illiteracy is a curse. (Negative) (b) It hinders all development programs. (Interrogative) (c) It should be removed from society by us. (d) Illiterate people create many problems. (Passive) (e) They are a great burden on society. (Exclamatory)

iii) (a) Drug addiction is a curse of modern society. (Negative) (b) It is a social vice. (Interrogative) (c) Frustration causes it. (Passive) (d) Many problems are created by drug addiction (Active) (e) We should work to stop it. (Imperative)

iv) (a) Life in Dhaka is expensive. (Negative) (b) Poor people lead a miserable life. (Passive) (c) Price hike is one of the biggest problems for them. (Positive degree) (d) Measures have been taken against them by the government. (Active) (e) Aren’t the greedy people responsible for price spiral? (Affirmative)

v) (a) Kindness is a divine virtue. (Interrogative) (b) We should be kind to the distressed people and animals. (Negative) (c) Some naughty boys beat the lower animals. (Passive) (d) They are delighted by it. (Active) (e) What a cruelty it is! (Affirmative)

vi) (a) A moonlit night looks very beautiful. (Exclamatory) (b) This night is brighter than any other night. (Positive) (c) The sky is clear tonight. (Negative) (d) Everybody likes this night (Passive) (e) This is not an ordinary night. (Affirmative)

vii) (a) Physical exercise is the best way to keep ourselves fit. (Comparative) (b) It keeps us fit. (Interrogative) (c) It is not difficult to take physical exercise. (Affirmative) (d) It should be regular. (Negative) (e) The people of all ages should do physical exercise regularly. (Passive)

viii) (a) None can escape death. (Interrogative) (b) It is common to all. (Negative) (c) Nobody should forget it (Affirmative) (d) Death is as true as life. (Comparative) (e) So we should not fear for death. (Passive)

ix) (a) Discipline is essential in man’s life. (Exclamatory) (b) It makes us punctual (Negative) (c) None but a man of discipline can shine in life. (Affirmative) (d) Everybody likes a man of discipline. (Passive) (e) It is more important than education. (Positive)

x) (a) The cow is a domestic animal. (Negative) (b) It is more useful than any other animal. (Superlative) (c) It is not a ferocious animal. (Affirmative) (d) It gives us milk. (Passive) (e) Its meat is very tasty. (Exclamatory)

xi) (a) Tea is very popular drink. (Exclamatory) (b) Everybody likes tea. (Interrogative) (c) People usually like hot tea. (Negative) (d) Tea is not harmful to our health. (Affirmative) (e) We must grow more. (Passive)

xii) (a) Corruption is greater than any other crime in Bangladesh. (Positive) (b) It hinders our progress. (Negative) (c) It is not easy to check. (Affirmative) (d) Everybody hates a corrupt person. (Interrogative) (e) A corrupt person is very harmful to the country. (Exclamatory)

Answers are coming soon.

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